Helpful Information

Table Sizes and Numbers

Table settings are important – they dictate how many tables you will need to fit all of your guests. The following will give you a rough guide as to how many people you will fit around our tables.

1.8m Trestle Table – Seats 6.

1.8m Long x 75cm Wide

2.1m Trestle Table – Seats 6 comfortably, or 8 snugly.

2.1m Long x 75cm Wide

2.4m Trestle Table – Seats 8 comfortably.

2.4m Long x 75cm Wide

1.2m Round Table – Seats 6 comfortably.

1.5m Round Table – Seats 8 comfortably.

1.8m Round Table – Seats 10 comfortably.

Table Linen – Sizing

Table Cloth Cake Table 1.8m Trestle 2.1m Trestle 2.4m Trestle 1.2m Round 1.5m Round 1.8m Round
#3 Black / White
137cm x 137cm
#5 Black / White
137cm x 244cm
#7 Black / White
137cm x 305cm
#16 Black / White
230cm x 230cm
#21 Black / White
230cm x 305cm
#30 Black / White
3m Round