Top 5 Party Tips!

In Events by Sam

Ensuring that you have a successful party all year round is really easy, there are just a few things that you need to be aware of.

1. Choosing your Sound System

Whether you have your own sound system or you need to hire one, it is imperative that it can handle the music that you want to play. If your party is a quiet gathering of friends and family then you may only need a small basic sound system. However, if your party is a head banger with lots of Drum and Bass, you will require something with more grunt. To achieve this you may want to look at hiring a SubWoofer to provide your heavy bass. You may also need to consider noise restrictions. In the rural areas, there is slightly less concern, however in town, you may just be keeping the next door neighbour awake!

2. Strobe or Disco Light?

Lots of people make the mistake of wanting a strobe light, when they really want a disco light. Strobe lights get very repetitive and can get annoying. Disco lights are often a range of colours and patterns, and will flick and move to the beat of your music. Of course there is lots of different things to consider when choosing your light. You may also want to consider if any of your party guests have an aversion to flicking lights or strobe type lights.

3. Haze or Smoke?

Haze and Smoke have two very different purposes. Haze is used in a room or venue to create atmosphere. When a room is full of haze you can still see everybody in there, but all of the lights beams from a party light or laser can be seen in the haze, which looks awesome! Smoke is something that is used for effects. It is very effective for random bursts of smoke. The only things you need to lookout for is people who have any breathing difficulty and smoke alarms or detecters. If you have detecters you will need to get them disabled for the duration of your event to prevent the local fire service from arriving!

4. Heating

If your party is outside, consider alternate locations, as the weather could turn and make your event less enjoyable. If you party is going to be under cover, or the weather is clear, but cold you could look at using some form of gas patio heating. This will mean you can continue over the duration of the night without too many temperature worries!

5. Furniture

A lot of people overlook furniture, however if you are having any sort of supper, or meal then you will need somewhere to serve! Grab a few tables for this, and it will make your life so much easier! Having some chairs for your event is also a good idea, as people like to sit down and socialise from time to time. You don’t need a huge amount of chairs but enough for people to take a break! Giant bean bags could also be substituted for chairs, and they are super comfortable! Bar Leaners could also be a great addition for people to stand around with their drink.

You probably have a ton more questions, so come on in and see us in store. The experienced and friendly team will be able to guide you through everything you need to make your party a success!