Catering Equipment

Equipped with a large range of catering equipment we can seamlessly supply everything you need for your next event. It could be high tea for 20 or your wedding reception of 200. Having the right equipment is important to ensure that your event goes off flawlessly!

Electra Wine Glass
Electra Glass Ware

Choosing the correct glassware for your event can be largely dependent on the decor and theme that you’re following. We have over 20 types glasses for you to choose from, so you can find the one that fits your style!


We have two completely different styles of crockery available for your event. As with the glassware the choice you make will be determined by the theme and decor that you have in mind.

MtForge Spit Roast

Being able to feed all of your guests in a timely manner is of top priority. We have a large range of cooking equipment and heating solutions available so that you can do just that!


Cutlery can be a confusing topic, and possibly slightly daunting topic for some people, luckily we can help you work out exactly what you need!